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Office Hours: 
Monday - Friday 8:00 am to 4:00 pm
Lunch Break: 12:00 pm to 12:30 pm
Office Staff:
Deborah Lisiewski- Property Manager
P: 239-992-5959
F: 239-948-0066
Job Summary: Supervisor of 6 employees, provide the financial and administrative duties, process/approve invoices, review the owner's account to ensure accounts are current and if not, follow-up emails/phone calls, forward pasted due accounts to attorney, solicit, analyze and negotiate contracts on behalf of the association. Maintain the association's financial record books, accounts, and other records as provided by the Association By-Laws and in accordance with Florida Statutes, as amended from time to time, and issue certificates of account/estoppel certificates. Assist with the Finance Committee in preparing an operating budget. Assist with our CPA on annual audit and provide all documentation, Prepare and send, as needed letters, reports, and notices as may be reasonably requested by the Board of Directors., and attend all meetings of the Board of Directors, as may be necessary, annual meeting, budget meeting and any other general membership meetings of the Association. Perform routine property inspections and make written recommendations to the Board of Directors for maintenance and improvements to the common property. 
Da'sia Sponito- Assistant Property Manager/ Office Manager
P: 239-992-5959
F: 239-948-0066
Job Summary: Supports the Property Manager on site with any delegated administrative, financial, or operational tasks. Preps for board meetings and set up the packages, zoom, and send out email communications. Prepare board minutes. Maintain the activities account and assists the lifestyle director with event budgeting. Complete deposits, refund checks, and end-of-month reports for the accounting department. Collect/put together items for the weekly reports. Handle merchandise and office supply inventory. Work with committee members on updating information and handling part of the workload: ARC and Storage Lot committee, work with the most. Collect and process rental applications. Provides training for new hires. Assists with investigations, and tap/log reviews for any unusual incidents. Maintains office spreadsheets, logs, records, and forms. Resolves and follow-ups with all complaints/issues and reports to the Property Manager. Create and send out email blast communications to residents when needed. Handles new homeowner orientations. Attend mandatory meetings when needed. Complete Castle Training. Work with rangers on parking violations. Maintain the community website. Answers phones promptly and assists residents with questions, and concerns, signing for events, providing gate equipment, and any other tasks they may need assistance with.
Marilyn Ramirez -  Front Deck/ Lifestyle Coordinator
P: 239-992-5959
F: 239-948-0066
Job Summary: Answers phones promptly and assists residents with questions and concerns. Inputs/processed work orders and guest passes submitted through the website. Maintain association files. Provide and program gate access to residents. Maintain homeowner roaster, database, mail instructions, and homeowner files. Assists with the rental application process as well as with processing new homeowners. Plan and execute all association events but not limited to reservations, ticket sales, facilitation preparation, and on occasion work with residents on events. Work with the Assistant Property Manager to maintain the event budget. Create Activity reports for each event. Create flyers and send out event information via email to owners. Attending and hosting clubhouse-sponsored events. Negotiate contracts with food vendors and entertainment. Maintain completed and current files of all events and reservations. Updated community website and channel. Prepare weekly items to give to the assistant property manager. Create the monthly newsletter. Complete tasks/duties delegated by supervisors.

Maintenance Staff:
Steadmon Allen- Maintenance Manager
P: 239-850-9262
Job Summary: Supervisor to 3 employees, the Maintenance Supervisor is responsible for the daily supervision of Maintenance Staff. He is responsible for department organization, performing maintenance checks, supervising the inspection of all mechanical sections of the building, and reporting to building management in all areas. The Maintenance Supervisor is also responsible for the seamless running of all the building mechanics, HVAC, pools, cleanliness, organization of these areas, and maintaining a team of energized and motivated Assist with hurricane preparation of the property.
Steve Nick  Maintenance Tech Steve 1: Every Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, Steve from our maintenance crew helps maintain the bocce courts to ensure they are properly taken care of. Every morning a maintenance staff member cleans the trash and pine needles off the pool deck. Along with wiping down the tables Painting or touching up all common areas as needed. Makes general carpentry, electrical, plumbing, mechanical, and other minor community/building repairs, and maintains records and other maintenance reports as directed by supervisor. Reports needed for major repairs to Community Association Manager Maintenance Supervisor. Checks all lighting daily, Pressure washes decks, sidewalks, and entrances, as necessary to maintain a neat appearance, and assists with hurricane preparation of the property.
Larry Milewski Maintenance Tech Larry 2: Every day, Larry from the maintenance staff checks the chemical and sanitation levels for all the pools and spas. If there needs to be any adjustments made, then he will do so. Along with checking the levels, he checks the flow meters, psi, and vacuum gages and will clean the filters if they are not accurate. These are tasks that are not done daily but regularly are checking the Sprinkler Zones and making repairs if needed. The sprinkler meter readings for all of Breckenridge are done once a month and given to the office to submit to the county on a quarterly basis. Assist with hurricane preparation of property.
Clemente Diego Maintenance Tech Clemente 3: Clemente opens the clubhouse and pools every week morning. He also comes up to the clubhouse daily to take the trash out, replace paper goods, and ensures that during the day the clubhouse stays clean for our residents.
In the mornings and sometimes throughout the day, he will clean the pool bathrooms and ensure the trash cans are not full. On a daily basis when maintenance is driving around for their work, if they see any branches or palm fawns in the general area/golf course, they will pick them up. Assist with hurricane preparation of property.
Jim Chapman: Lead Ranger
John Conrad
P: 239-850-9264
David Myers
P: 239-850-9264
Bob Johnson
P: 239-850-9264
Job Summary: With every shift each ranger checks in with the office to see if any specific duties need to be handled. Rangers check each amenity to ensure residents/guests/renters are registered and following the rules. Reports violations to the property manager and fills out daily ranger logs to report the work they do. Check golf carts and vehicles for proper and current stickers, if not in compliance a warning ticket is issued. Enforces rules of no runners, walkers, or bikers on the golf cart path. Check the golfer's sign-in sheets and turn them in to the office. Be on the lookout for underage drivers on golf carts. check first aid kits at the pools/clubhouse. Assist and educate owners and guests.  Opening and closing of the pools and clubhouse. In constant communication with the office during their shift and perform any duties required by management.